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The year in sport 2018: NBA

The Golden State Warriors won their third title in four years in 2018, but if the Houston Rockets had not missed 27 straight three pointers in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals, or if JR Smith knew the score in the final seconds of Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the Warriors could have seen the title slip away.

Let’s look at 18 defining moments from 2018 in the NBA.

January 26th — DeMarcus Cousins tears his Achilles

January 29th — Blake Griffin is traded to Detroit Pistons

February 6th — Kristaps Porzingis tears his ACL

February 7th — Giannis Antetokounmpo dunks over THJ

April 21st — New Orleans Pelicans sweep Portland Trail Blazers in Round 1

May 29th — Rockets miss 27 three pointers in a row in WCF

June 1st — JR Smith forgets the score

June 9th — Kevin Durant wins Final MVP

June 21st — Phoenix Suns select DeAndre Ayton as number one draft pick

June 21st — Dallas Mavericks trade Trae Young for Luka Doncic

July 9th — LeBron James signs with LA Lakers

July 18th — San Antonio Spurs trade Kawhi Leonard for Toronto Raptors’ DeMar DeRozan

November 12th — Kevin Durant gets angry at Draymond Green

November 12th — Jimmy Butler is traded to Philadelphia 76ers

November 18th — Kemba Walker sets Charlotte Hornets record with a 60-point performance

November 23rd — Gregg Popovich criticises the three point line

November 29th — Steph Curry’s ‘Shoes for Girls’

December 4th — Markelle Fultz diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome

Featured photograph/Flickr/Michael Tipton