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Locker room unrest as Jacksonville Jaguars and the NFL return to London

Jacksonville Jaguars will make their sixth visit to English soil – more than any other NFL franchise – as they take on Super Bowl Champions Philadelphia Eagles at Wembley on Sunday.

Jaguars – who have had a mixed run of results in the English capital with a record of 3-2 – are also struggling from a poor run of form this season as the campaign enters Week 6.

Perhaps even more concerning for the side is that issues on the field have spiralled into the locker room in recent times which has resulted in unrest between players and coaches in addition to uncertainty surrounding the future of quarter-back Blake Bortles.

While the Jaguars are certainly more accustomed to playing in London – it remains to be seen whether the change in scenery will inspire them to a change in both form and attitude.

One thing is for certain though – they couldn’t have any greater of an obstacle in the Eagles which stands before them.