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Guerilla Cricket: Boozy, ballsy, sweary cricket commentary

Cricket can often appear stuffy and boring. With its obsession with tea and white clothing and a strict adherence to the rules, the sport struggles with a perception that it just isn’t very cool.

Compounding matters are the traditional commentators. Often Oxbridge educated, they pontificate and perambulate on the flight of pigeons and the density of sponge cake, all the while calling referring to each other as “My dear old boy.”

Tearing up the script is Guerrilla Cricket, an effervescent outlandish group whose free to air commentary service challenges the status quo. What’s more, they produce a service that can match the BBC or Talk Sport for professionalism and quality.

Featured image: Nick Martin of Guerilla Cricket holds a shirt with the inscription #VaughanFree, referencing former England captain and now BBC commentator Michael Vaughan.